Valve Manifolds & Control Panels

About Valve Manifolds & Control Panels

Whilst Flow Subsea supply Subsea Valves and Hot-stabs, clients often request if the items can be packaged.

Utilising our expertise in Valves and Hot-stabs we have supplied a range of Control Panels and Manifolds to various Clients to assist with Buoyancy, Flood and Vent, Choke Valve intervention, Grouting, Chemical injection, Leak off test Manifolds, Pressure control and Well Head control.

Incorporating the range of subsea equipment from Flow Subsea (Valves, Hot-stabs, Hydraulic Cylinders) into a fabricated panel which is designed to be Diver and ROV friendly with grab handles and docking points where required.

Valves range from ball valves, check valves and Directional control valves to satisfy the requirements of the Clients Project in a range of materials and end connections.

Key Features:

  • Pressure range:0 to 15,000PSI
  • Diver and ROV operable interfaces
  • Incorporating a range of valves, Directional Control, Ball, Gate, hydraulically operated and manual with subsea accessories such as Compensators, Motors and Cylinders
  • Designed to accommodate Flow SubseaHot stabs, or standard API/ISO Hot-stabs
  • Supplied with associated pipework and fittings (welded, Threaded, ferrule type)
  • Fully integrated into the Clients Equipment
  • Buoyancy panels fitted with level indicators
  • Subsea Coating systems
  • Logic panel identification on request

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