Suction Pile Vent Hatches

About Suction Pile Vent Hatches

Flow Subsea supply Hinged and “J” lock designed Vent hatches for the installation and removal of suction Anchors, Caissons and Piles.

Flow Subsea’s proven sealing technology can be applied to any application for various interfaces (flanged or weld preparation), pipe size etc.

In addition to the Vent Hatches Flow Subsea offer Grouting systems consisting of a distribution valve panel and hot-stab interfaces.

All Vent Hatches allow the integration of any size of Flow Subsea Hot-stab and receptacle.

Key Features

  • 10” – 42” nominal bore
  • Water depth: up to 3000m
  • Material selection: Carbon Steel
  • Pressure range: -10 Barg +10 Barg
  • Subsea coating system
  • ROV or Manual operation
  • Available to suit all ROV torque interfaces
  • Temporary or Life of Field design
  • Locking Mechanism for Hinged design to assist with installation
  • Compatible with all sizes of Flow Subsea Hot-stabs and receptacles in a range of materials

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