Hot Stabs & Receptacles

About Hot Stabs & Receptacles

Flow Subsea design and manufacture a wide range of hot-stabs and receptacles,developing a reputation for satisfying clients, offering high quality products competitively priced with excellent lead times.

Flow Subsea hot-stabs are proven in service to meet all project and industry standards for a range of small and EPC contractors worldwide

Examples of operations for our Hot-stabsinclude: –

  • Suction Piles, Anchors and Caissons, (see Flow Subsea Vent hatch section)
  • Chemical and gas injection and sampling
  • Pressure testing and monitoring
  • Flooding and venting (see Flow Subsea, Subsea Valve section)
  • Buoyancy Modules (see Flow Subsea Valve Panel section)
  • Subsea Pigging (see Flow Subsea PLR section)
  • Hydraulic control systems (see Manifolds & Controls Panel section)

Flow Subsea hot-stab sizes range from 1” to 8” diameter, with available design pressures of 6,000PSI, 10,000PSI and 15,000PSI. Designed in accordance with industry standards including API6A, API17D, ASME B31.3, ASME B31.8, ISO13628-8, ISO 10423, PD5500, and PED.

Qualification testing to API 6A / ISO 10423 PR2 Annex F & API 17D / ISO 13628-4 Annex L hyperbaric testing is available for all Flow subsea hot-stabs.

In addition to the standard ROV / manual operated hot-stab, Flow Subsea offer a hydraulically operated hot-stab to aid connection on larger bore sizes

Specialist hot-stabs designed for zero leakage, metal seated and quick release have been developed to suit clients requirements.

Flow Subsea’s Full Bore hot-stab is a variation to our standard hot-stabs that eliminates a pressure drop and turbulent flow.

Finally Flow Subsea offer a range of ISO 13628-8 / API 17D single, dual, treble, quad and 6 port hot-stabs, with connections to suit client requirements.

Key Features:

  • Various mechanical locking mechanism available to suit client requirements
  • Rotating mounting plate (Female receptacle) Rotating handle (Male Hot-stab) as standard
  • Pressure range 0-15000psi
  • Flow range to suit all applications
  • Designed to suit all industry standards
  • Low insertion and retraction forces
  • A choice of materials for temporary or life of field applications, including stainless steel, duplex, super duplex and Inconel.
  • Flexible mounting handles to suit all ROV / Diver applications
  • Pressure balanced double seal arrangement for any fluid / gas application
  • Hydraulically operated hot-stab option
  • Zero Leakage hot-stab option
  • Full Bore hot-stab option
  • Hydrostatic and hyperbaric testing program

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