Subsea & Topside Valves

About Subsea & Topside Valves

Flow Subsea utilise their many years of valve experience to assist Clients with the specifying of all types of Valves Topside or Subsea.

As applications can be standard or Project specific, the parameters are wide ranging therefore below gives an indication, but not limited to, the types of valves Flow Subsea can offer.

Key Features:

  • Pressure range: 0-10,000 psi
  • Size: ¼” to 20”
  • Service: Life of Field or Temporary
  • Valve Type:
    – Ball Valve (Floating or Trunnion)
    – Gate Valve (Slab or DEGV)
    – Double Block and Bleed Valve (Needle or Ball)
    – Check Valve (Swing or Wafer type)
  • Applications:
    – Pig Launchers & Receivers
    – Manifolds & Bundles
    – Suction Piles, Caissons & Anchors
    – Mid Water Arches
    – ESDV
    – Grouting Panels
    Control Valves & Manifolds 
  • Industry Standards:
    – API 6A (ISO 10423)
    – API 6DSS (ISO 14723)
    -API 6D (ISO 14313)
    – EEMUA 182
  • Qualification: 13628-4, API 6A PR2
  • Materials: 316SS, Duplex, Super Duplex, Inconel 625 & 718
  • Configuration: Full Bore, Reduced Bore
  • Interface: Rocker Handle, T Bar Handle, ROV Bucket (13628-8 Low torque Fig 13, High Torque Fig 14 & Fig 18)
  • Connections: Flanged API6A, ASMEB16.5, Butt weld end, Threaded, Hammer lug Union
  • Operation: Single sided or double sided, hydraulically actuated
  • Coating: Xylan or Subsea coating system
  • Valve Position indictors: LVDT, 3-way switch, Manual
  • Gearboxes fitted when required

Depending on the above Flow Subsea can offer Valves from Stock / Quick delivery. Life of Field valves are available with an extended delivery.

Based on Size and Pressure,Valves can be supplied with Gearboxes to reduce the input torque to match the industry sized Torque Bucket or tooling.

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