Bespoke Engineering

About Bespoke Engineering at Flow Subsea

Flow Subsea’s Engineering expertise is not limited to Subsea or the core Products shown on this website.

We have found in the past Clients have requested us to Engineer solutions for various issues Topside or Subsea in several different sectors.

Examples include: –

  • Pig Locks & Retainers
  • Hose Reelers
  • Subsea Chain Hoist with Hydraulic Hot-stab Interface
  • Compensation Units
  • Torque Buckets (All types for all Equipment)
  • Debris Plugs
  • Specialist High Tolerance Machining
  • Subsea Hose Assemblies (Various connections available)
  • Pig Signalling Equipment
  • Specialist Sealing Arrangements (Caisson & J-Tube)
  • ESDV (Emergency Shut Down Valve) Skid Assembly
  • Valve ROV Lock Open / Closed Device

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