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Pressure Balanced

Female receptacle is a one-piece design eliminating welded outlet connection. High flow rates. Low maintenance.

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Hot Stab Connectors

ROV operable, interchangeable rotating handles. Rotating mounting plate as standard. Quality assurance and traceability.

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Low Maintenance

Extensive CFD Analysis to ensure high flow rates with low pressure loss and low maintenance. All Hot-Stabs are uniquely identified

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Flushing Heads

Available for onshore and offshore operations, our Pig Launchers/Receivers and Flushing Heads are designed to meet a variety of industry standards depending on customer requirements.

Flow Subsea is ISO 9001:2008 accreditedFlow Subsea provides a wide range of standard and bespoke ROV operable hot stab connectors for use in fluid transfer subsea for pigging operations, chemical / gas injection and flooding operations.

Flow Subsea design and manufacture a variety of pig launchers / receivers and flushing heads used for both onshore and offshore operations. We also offer the design and manufacture of abandonment & recovery heads used for recovering pipelines and retrieving them to the surface.